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“I want to tell other people that even if you don't have kids or pets, using OHc is something everyone should do FOR THEIR OWN HEALTH. I was one of those people who never got sick, felt fine, and used chemicals without thought—Clorox, Lysol, Comet, Windex, anything that stunk like bleach or ammonia meant it was clean. Well, after I got breast cancer all that changed. No more chemicals in anything—foods, drinks, or household cleaners. At first I used OHc for the kitchen floor because it was safe for my cat. Then I started using it on sinks and glass, then the toilet (a real test), and now my endless-grout bathroom—all of which come out beautifully clean, SAFELY. I'm using OHc for my OWN health, and am so grateful to you for teaching me that I am worth it! Thank you!”

Catherine P.
San Francisco, CA
“My favorite kitchen appliance is my Showtime Rotisserie Oven. Its only downside is the cleaning of the ovens interior. Water alone won't cut the grease, soap and other cleaners are difficult to rinse off and bleach…who wants to smell and taste that on a prime rib the next time the oven is used. I could never get the oven degreased or truly clean without feeling I was compromising my family's health in the process. This is the only product I've found that breaks down the grease and wipes away clean, leaving no hazardous residue or foul chemical odors. I can use this product with complete confidence and without worry. I love this product!”

Grace A.
“I love OHc!” I use it at home, but we also use it exclusively in our chiropractic practice to clean tables between each adjustment. The patients love the smell, and love the quality of the product, that it is non-toxic, and yet it disinfects. Many people are concerned about this, so this is reassuring to them.”

Judy N., Owner-Norton Chiropractic Wellness Center
“I want you to know how pleased I am with OHc. I have had a problem finding a good cleaner for my black stove. I have tried 4 or 5 products with all of them leaving streaks and not cleaning very well. I finally started using car wax and that would not streak or cut the grease, but OHc does a great job with no streaks! It cuts the hard grease and other stains on my stove and does it faster than the car wax. I also use it on my counters, mirrors and windows and again no streaks!"

Jeannette D.
Fresno, CA

"When I completed my year-long project, a one room 8x13 cabin in the mountains, built almost entirely from recycled materials, there was only one choice when it came to cleaning products. OHc. I keep a bottle there to clean the windows, hardwood floors and just like at my home, it does an amazing job on almost any surface. I also keep a bottle of Dzovig's Lavender Me on hand, its the best smelling mosquito repellent I've ever used and it works!"

Melinda D.
Fresno & Shaver, CA
I have been using OHc for about a year now. It actually makes me want to clean and who really wants to admit that…really?! OHc smells fantastic. I have tried for many years all sorts of different natural cleaners from Shaklee, Seventh Generation, Method…the list goes on. OHc is easy. It's one spray bottle. Need a little grit?...Add some baking soda. It cleans everything and doesn't leave any residue. The reasons why I really love OHc is because the toxic cleaning products really bother me. I get headaches and they make my lungs burn. I'm an opera singer and voice teacher. My voice studio is in my home. I know that how I clean my home with OHc isn't going to affect anyone's throats but more importantly my throat. I also have a wonderful dog and I deeply care about his health, too. I can feel assured knowing that where he puts his nose and mouth is non-toxic and safe.

I have recommended this product to many people without reservation because I know it's a wonderful product. Try it! You'll be hooked!

Cristina C.
Union, NJ
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